• Alfa Romeo bringing back the 8C with 700+ horsepower in a mid-engine carbon fiber chassis

      Holy. Crap. Alfa Romeo is not playing around and is set to take their performance credentials to a new level. Alfa Romeo certainly impressed the automotive world with the Giulia Quadrifoglio as well as the Stelvio Quadrifoglio but the numbers for the upcoming 8C are insane.

      They are targeting over 700 horsepower in a mid-engine layout with a carbon fiber monocoque. That sounds like McLaren 720S territory.

      The main difference would be the 8C likely would include some kind of hybrid technology up front so it would have all wheel drive it seems with the rear wheels powered by gasoline and the front wheels by electricity.

      Will they be able to keep the weight down? Will they be able to keep the price down?

      The last time Alfa Romeo produced an 8C it was in 2010 and the car was front engine and rear wheel drive so this will be a huge departure.

      Maybe Ferrari should be worried? This sounds like a much better recipe than the 488 GTB.

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        If they are clever, this will be the layout for the 488 successor in order to share platform costs. But the Fiat group has not been good at this at all in the recent past, so I guess we will see.

        I also hope they will employ the chassis and suspension engineers from Ferrari, just as they did with the Giulia. Otherwise there's is a risk this becomes an embarassing failure like th 4C, which was a good concept on paper but atrociously bad in real life.

        Also, Marchionne is good at making announcements but failing to deliver. I just hope this is not one of these, or that the Fiat group will go under before they can produce this.