• Syvecs launches new S7i and S7 Plus standalone ECU's

      Syvecs will be phasing out their very popular S6 line of standalone ECU's in favor of their new S7i and S7 Plus models. Why? Technology marches on of course and the new S7 units are incredibly capable.

      Here is a quick feature rundown and comparison:

      Keep in mind for these to be a plug and play solution you already need to have an S6 application for your particular car. Syvecs offerings will no doubt expand to cover more platforms with the new S7 line.

      Quote Originally Posted by Syvecs
      The S6 ECU has been the mainstay of the Syvecs range for some 10 years now, in its direct fit, Plus and i / GP formats.

      We are imensly proud of the S6 and what it managed to achieve in that time, however the market has moved on and we felt it was time to update our products to make sure we keep our place as one of the market leaders.

      To that end, we are pleased to be able to announce that as of this morning we officially launched the new S7 ECU platform.

      The S7 will be available in the form of the S7i, S7 Direct Fit boards and the S7 Plus.

      The main new features of the S7 range include:

      -OnBoard Logging Memory which has been increased to 32mb with an optional upgrade to 64mb

      - 2 Extra CanBus for I/O Expanders / Dashs or custom coding

      - Support for 2 NTK Sensors as well as the Denso AF sensor and Bosch LSU.

      - Updated firmware to match that of our S8/S12 ECUs.

      - 10 Bipolar Capable Inputs

      - Improved Hardware Protection

      In addition the S7 Plus now supports OBD2 over CanBus and has the ability to wake up from a can bus signal like some OEM engine ECUís.

      We will be posting up details of the new S7 based kits that are being released today shortly .

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